Cute Decorating Ideas For A Boy’s Room

Cute Decorating Ideas For A Boy's Room

When decorating a boy’s room you need to be thoughtful of the age. While some themes are appropriate for all ages of boys, older boys are not going to be interested in the same thing as little boys.

The Idea To Design Room For A Boy

For example, a playhouse theme is not going to work for older boys, but a safari theme will work out nicely for both. One theme that is great for any age boy is a cabin theme. This is perfect for little boys and older boys because most boys enjoy camping in the outdoors or even fishing or hiking. The best thing about this type of room theme is it can even bring back pleasant memories for each parent. Decorating the room is easy you simply have to find wallpaper borders that remind you of a cabin in the woods, which can be moose or even bears. You can use animal themed bedding or you can choose plaid patterns, which the plaid often reminds you of flannel pajamas that you wear in the winter while camping out.

The Idea To Design Room For A Boy

You can add natural accessories or you can buy stuff to help decorate the room, you can even use rustic furniture, such as wooden chests for toys and a log style bed. The rain forest is another great idea for a boy’s bedroom. To decorate the room in a rain forest theme you will want to use jungle themed items. Look around until you find jungle themed wallpaper borders, you can even look for a jungle-themed rug. Add some accessories like snakes, butterflies, and other creatures that you can find in the rain forest, including frogs. You can even make your own pillows and such with jungle themed fabric. Cars, especially race cars, are a great theme for a boy’s room because most boys love playing cars. You can find a rug that is designed with a racetrack, but you can also find all sorts of accessories to add to the room that comes in the race car theme, including lamps and curtains. If they are still in a small bed, you can always find a race car shaped bed, but if they are older, you can simply use car designed bedding. You can find appliques to put up on the walls, including those of famous NASCAR drivers. Make sure you put up some shelves so that your kid can put their car collection on display or perhaps they can even use dads.

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